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Complications from tooth loss can be more serious than a reduced ability to bite and chew food. It can also affect your physical appearance and cause issues with your speech. It’s also worth noting that each tooth relies on the structural presence of its neighbors.

When a void is left unfilled, it could tempt the surrounding teeth to change alignment. As they gradually drift toward the void, it could cause dental fractures or dental attrition on the related teeth in your bite.

While a dental bridge can help replace the tooth’s presence, only a dental implant can fully restore the missing tooth’s natural strength.

The process of placing an implant involves Dr. Packman installing a titanium dental abutment into the bone structure beneath the void. In time, it will naturally bond with the living tissues to fully replicate the original root of the tooth.

Once this occurs, Dr. Packman can fit the abutment for a standard dental crown. With good oral hygiene practices, you should expect the newly restored tooth to serve you for many years to come.

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