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As you probably know, brushing your teeth is an extremely important part of your oral hygiene routine. You may have also heard that brushing your teeth can actually help you protect the health of your entire body. If you don’t brush well, you may experience a number of issues–but did you know that if you don’t care for your toothbrush well you could be putting your oral health in danger?

For instance, if you’re interested in keeping your toothbrush as clean as possible you should let it air dry after every use. You should store your brush upright and leave it in an open area–not in a drawer. You should also make sure your brush doesn’t come in contact with anyone else’s.

You should consider replacing your brush if you’ve had an illness, or if your brush’s bristles start to fray. If your brush is frayed, it will be more likely to harbor bad bacteria, and bacteria from illnesses can stay on your brush. However, even if you do care for your brush well, please know that you’ll still need to replace t fairly often. Most dentists recommend replacing your brush every three to four months

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